Dr Sharma is an amazing doctor, anytime I need to get in asap he goes above and beyond to make that possible! I wouldnt trust anyone else with my health as much as I do with Dr.Sharma. He listens to everything you have to say and does not judge. Very informational and knows his stuff. You will leave out of his office with a big smile!

Shelley Singh

Nice guy, straight talker. We can see he cares and really tries to get the the bottom of problems

Randy M

Dr. Sharma is the reason why my Mom is alive today. Dr. Sharma has been our family doctor every since he started practicing in Richland. There is no mistake about it, he is very passionate about his patient's health and can get rather firm and vocal about things if you don't take care of your health.

During a routine follow up at his clinic he noticed that my Mom kept "forgetting" to schedule her routine mammogram despite his reminders. Given the history of breast cancer in the family my moms age and the fact that my mom would likely continue to avoid getting a mammogram, he called the imaging department at the hospital and convinced them to see her right away to do a mammogram. For which we are grateful as the mammogram caught an impalpable tumor. Which turned out to be a rather aggressive type of cancer in its early stages.

The tumor had to be removed and she had to get treatment but she is alive and doing well thanks to Dr. Sharma.

Pendu Shehri

Dr. Sharma has been my family physician for over twenty years and over this period his diagnosis have been spot on. I have been diabetic for almost twenty years and he has helped me keep it under control. I trust Dr. Sharma with my family and my health 100%.

Rajiv Malhan

He is very knowledgeable and a good listener.

Kris S.

Very good physician who listened to my symptoms when I was sick and prescribed the correct antibiotics so I would be able to be back to work in no time. Excellent staff and a comfortable atmosphere, highly recommend Dr. Sharma


I became a patient of Dr. Sharma over seven years ago. I have found him to be very knowledgeable and current with leading medical issues. He is the only 'certified' internal medicine doctor I have found. I have found his bedside manor to be somewhat direct., but I personally appreciate a doctor who gets right to the point. I know that Dr. Sharma has a genuine concern for my health. I have had numerous serious medical conditions and am sure I'm with the best Doctor. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Sharma to my family and friends.

Verified Patient

My mother first visited Dr. Sharma in 2004 after being discharged from the hospital after triple bypass surgery. They had discharged her early and she could still not breath correctly. They also had her scheduled for a fistula for kidney dialysis. Dr. Sharma IMMEDIATELY diagnosed the issue with breathing and assisted with her recovery much more than the hospital did. He was also able to prescribe the correct medications that would no longer harm her kidneys and to this day she has never required dialysis. Dr. Sharma has saved my mothers life. If you want someone that has expert knowledge and that help you live a longer life, then you need to become a patient of Dr. Sharma!

Verified Patient

Dr. Sharma is very through and knowledgeable and a 'Certified Internal Medicine Practitioner. I trust his diagnosis of my numerous medical conditions. Dr. Sharma always evaluates my treatment plan taking into consideration my other medical issues. I know that he truly cares for my well being and...more

Verified Patient | Kennewick, WA

When my mom kept avoiding routine mammograms (She kept saying that since she had one a couple of years ago she don't need another one until 5-6 years). Dr. Sharma called the hospital imaging department and had her seen right away after her routine checkup at his clinic. We are very grateful for his care as the mammogram found a tumor which turned out to be a very aggressive form of breast cancer in its early stages. Our mom is alive today thanks to Dr. Sharma.

Verified Patient | Seattle, WA

I have never had a doctor that has taken such great care of me. He has fixed so many things left overlooked by my previous doctor. He is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend

Verfied Patient | Richland, WA

Dr Sharma is a great doctor. He always listens to me and my concerns. Since I've been going to him i haven't been getting headaches. I highly recommend him to you.

Carol Ayre

My father and I have been coming to Dr Sharma for several years now and every experience has been 5 stars for us. Doctor is caring and concerned, friendly while maintaining professional and efficient standards of service. I was so very thankful for the excellent care and the short wait in the lobby today. Thank you Dr. Sharma for always being there when we most need you!

Eric Villa