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Get Well Soon With Same-Day Care

Skip the scheduling for a same-day doctor appointment in Richland, WA

Sometimes you wake up feeling under the weather without any warning. If you are congested or achy, visit Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD for a same-day doctor appointment.

There's no need to wait a week to be seen. Call today to see if a a same-day doctor appointment is available.

You need urgent treatment when you're sick

It doesn't matter if you have the common cold, the flu or bronchitis, you need immediate care to stop your suffering and stop spreading germs. Call Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD to ask about a same-day doctor appointment in Richland, WA. We'll get you seen as soon as possible to get you on the road to recovery.

Call 509-943-5664 to let us know you're on your way, or simply stop in for a walk-in appointment today.