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Dr. Sharma is the reason why my Mom is alive today. Dr. Sharma has been our family doctor every since he started practicing in Richland. There is no mistake about it, he is very passionate about his patient's health and can get rather firm and vocal about things if you don't take care of your health. During a routine follow up at his clinic he noticed that my Mom kept "forgetting" to schedule her routine mammogram despite his reminders. Given the history of breast cancer in the family my moms age and the fact that my mom would likely continue to avoid getting a mammogram, he called the imaging department at the hospital and convinced them to see her right away to do a mammogram. For which we are grateful as the mammogram caught an impalpable tumor. Which turned out to be a rather aggressive type of cancer in its early stages. The tumor had to be removed and she had to get treatment but she is alive and doing well thanks to Dr. Sharma.

Angel Mendoza

Dr. Sharma has been my family doctor since 1999. There are several reasons why I continue to see him on a quarterly basis. Foremost, his medical knowledge is excellent and remains current as I can tell when he changes medications based on most current medical trends and to keep cost down. Secondly, he never over prescribes, and has adjusted my medications based on my body's reaction. He listens to our health complains and prescribes the necessary tests to correctly diagnose or refers you to specialists when necessary. He practices preventive medicine effectively and thanks to him, I recently avoided a more serious cardiac event. At times he can be passionate in his recommendations but he does it in your best interest. Lastly, Dr Sharma is always available to see us with very little notice, and he keeps his appointments on time or with minimal waiting, which is unusual for doctors. He truly cares about you!

Roberto Torres

Best primary care physician in South Eastern, WA. Dr Sharma runs his office with just one employee (receptionist) and still always manages to find time to get me in for a visit and always seems to find what's causing me discomfort. He is HIGHLY educated and intelligent, and you can tell he understands the human body like a good doctor should. The negative reviews from the previous user are unfair as they didn't even visit his office and speak with him. I can say that with 100% confidence, if they went to his office and spoke with him directly instead of wasting time calling their doctor, they would be as impressed as I was with his attention to detail and understanding and compassion. If you're looking for a good doctor in the area who will actually listen, Dr. Sharma is the Doc for you.


I received a very pleasant experience with Dr. Sharma and his staff. He helped me understand what's going on and how to get better, while his staff was very helpful with my scheduling and everything else. I have always been able to talk to Dr. Sharma and get my problems resolved. Coming here is like dealing with trusted family. I appreciated their follow-up and willingness to answer questions also. A big thank you to all of them. It's good to be treated with professionalism and care.

Tatiana Garcia

Dr Sharma is an amazing doctor, anytime I need to get in he goes above and beyond to make that possible! I wouldn't trust anyone else with my health as much as I do with Dr.Sharma. He listens to everything you have to say and gives you valuable feedback. Very professional and thorough each time! You will leave out of his office feeling better than ever!

Shelly Singh

Very professional well maintained office with a knowledgeable receptionist. He is very intelligent and well practiced in medicine. After first meeting, he was friendly, precise and to the point. Great same day care and made my DOT physical a snap

Leo Donatello

Great doctor. Very knowledgeable and great customer service was able to get me in at a moment notice.

Antonio Serna

Dr Sharma is a great doctor. He always listens to me and my concerns. Since I've been going to him i haven't been getting headaches. I highly recommend him to you.

Carol Ayre

Great primary care physician same day appointment, friendly gave me a very pleasant DOT physical.

Jay Trimble

He gets you in right away, he's honest, he's a good Doctor. I've been with him for since 2012. I highly recommend.

Ednita Silguero

I have been a patient of Dr Sharma for 9 years.I have found him to be upfront and frank about my health and quite knowledgeable .If you want a physician to sugar coat the facts then he is not for you; but if you want honest useful info then he is the one.

R Shane

Great doctor, very professional one of the best internal medicine doctor locally and fast and courteous service. Definitely recommend.

Marcela Gomez

My father and I have been coming to Dr Sharma for several years now and every experience has been 5 stars for us. Doctor is caring and concerned, friendly while maintaining professional and efficient standards of service. I was so very thankful for the excellent care and the short wait in the lobby today. Thank you Dr. Sharma for always being there when we most need you!

Eric Villa

Great doctor, same day care no wait.

JJ Redick

Always a good experience.

Delicia Olsen

Great Doctor who gets you in right away, sometimes the same day. No long waits in the waiting room.

Bobby Dickenson