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Primary Care Physician

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You need a primary care physician who takes the time you need to go over your health in detail. Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD won’t rush you in and out of the office like large healthcare facilities. He will go the extra mile to answer your questions thoroughly and make sure you understand all the information he shares with you. You’re guaranteed to see the same physician every time, and we don’t charge facility fees like hospital-owned clinics do.

To schedule an appointment with our primary care physician in Richland, WA, call Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD’s office at 509-943-5664 today. 

5 Reasons to see a Primary Care Physician

It’s essential to your health to visit a doctor on an annual or biannual basis. When you feel a cough coming on that you can’t cure, turn to Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD for care. Here are four reasons to see our primary care doctor soon:

  1. You need acute care, such as for a cold or sinus infection.
  2. You need chronic care for ongoing health issues.
  3. You need preventive care.
  4. You need a routine examination.
  5. You need a referral to a specialist.

Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD can also refill your prescriptions when you visit. Call 509-943-5664 today to schedule an appointment.

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