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What Is a DOT Physical?

Richland, WA: Get the physical you need for the Department of Transportation

If you’re a bus or truck driver for the Department of Transportation, you need a DOT physical exam to get your license. Visit Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD to get your physical. He follows strict federal guidelines to make sure your examination is thorough and legitimate.

Call Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD at 509-943-5664 today to schedule a DOT physical in Richland, WA.

4 reasons to choose our DOT physical exams

Confirm your employment with the Department of Transportation by choosing Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD to conduct your DOT physical. Here are four reasons to choose our independent doctor:

  1. He'll give you a prompt appointment
  2. He’ll follow the appropriate federal guidelines
  3. He’ll send your results to the DOT as soon as possible
  4. He’ll help you get a general understanding of your physical condition

Are you ready to get started? Call today to schedule a DOT physical in Richland, WA.