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Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD in Richland, WA

Trust Our Primary Care Physician’s 30+ Years of Experience

For more than thirty years, Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD has been providing some of the best primary care in the Richland, WA region. He has been awarded the Quality of Care award two times from Primera Blue Cross. His independent, private practice is the perfect solution for all your needs because he spends the time giving you the quality care you deserve.

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3 Benefits of our Independent Doctor’s Office

Don’t bother with waiting lists or overcrowded waiting rooms from large healthcare facilities. Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD is your local independent doctor who will make sure you have a quality care experience. Here are three reasons to choose Dr. Vimal Sharma, MD for primary care:

  1. You can walk in for a visit without waiting in a long line.
  2. You can see the same physician each visit for continuity of care.
  3. You could pay less out of pocket because we don’t charge a facility fee.